Movie Props Group Auction Successfully Comes to an End

November 24, 2018 - Love it - Share it.

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With a little over 200 bidders and a wide range of quality movie props on offer there was a little something for everybody. This was the first auction held between The Prop Block, Hero Prop and The Prop Stop along with a number of the Movie Props Group members giving it a personalized feel for the true collectors. Many notable items were sold at very reasonable prices.



Troy Brad Pitt Helmet

SOLD – Production-made metal Greek helmet worn by actor Brad Pitt as Achilles in rehearsals during the production of Troy from 2004. This helmet is the same style as the one worn by Brad Pitt throughout the film. The helmet is made of a bronze colored metal and has a dark patina with gold paint highlights. The lower areas inside of the helmet are lined with black leather and ‘REHEARSAL ONLY’ is written on the back leather panel in red ink.





Batman & Robin Mr. Freeze Stunt Gun

SOLD – Production-made Mr. Freeze stunt freeze ray gun used by Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze created for Batman & Robin directed by Joel Schumacher. In the film Dr. Victor Fries became the evil Mr. Freeze after being transformed in a lab accident while trying to cure his wife of a rare disease. Mr. Freeze creates weapons that are capable of firing beams of energy that will freeze anything on contact. This freeze gun is a stunt version that is made primarily of rubber that has been chromed, it also has some plastic and metal parts. The gun has a series of LEDs on the sides that light up by means of an internal battery.



Alien vs. Predator: Requiem Hero Xenomorph Head

SOLD – Production-made Xenomorph alien head created for Alien vs. Predator: Requiem from 2007. This Xenomorph head features many special effects functions that were used on set to give the animal life. By means of electronic and pneumatic devices the jaw could open and close, the lips could snarl, the inner jaw could snap out and its tiny jaw could also open. The functionality of these devices have not been tested. The upper skull and jaw areas are made of fiberglass and the neck area is made of foam rubber. The neck has snaps and zippers used to attach the head to a costume. The lips have wire armatures inside and are covered in rubber. The entire head is painted black and heavily washed in silver paint. There is a series of wires and pneumatic tubes protruding from the bottom of the head and there is a magnetic door in the lower rear of the head where additional wires are accessible.



With this success I have no doubt there will be another auction not too far away in the future.