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Production Animation cels
$1 - Euless, TX (76040)

So here are just some of the cels I will get rid of. I didn't want to put too many so hopefully this doesn't anger some of y'all. These may not be everybodies cup of tea but if I can put a dent in the new guitar it'd be nice. These are not firm, make an offer, I will also group.

I bought these while I was going to graduate school for animation as a lot were helping me learn layouts, painting techniques, and other stuff. Some of these look off kilt, but it's just because I didn't line them up during the pictures. The framed ones are using all acid free materials for preservation and custom frames. If you want one of these framed I spent time as a professional picture framer and would only charge cost, I will even send receipt although I don't know if I can have them to you by Christmas if that is what you wish.

Panoramics were used to pan from one scene to another and they are quite rare as most companies didn't keep them for future collecting purposes and some were even thrown away.

A. Alvin and the Chipmunks. This is a matching hand painted background and cels. This one just makes me laugh.

B. Panoramic background from 1977 Batman and friends. I bought this because you can obviously see the Coke bottle in the foreground, once again the cels from this (if there were any on this one) are scarce.

C. The New Adventures of Superman and Friends. (66-70). I bought this one for when I was taking a class in background painting in graduate school and some of these were helpful to look at while I was going to school.

D. Framed New Adventures of Batman - 1977. I just liked this one and had it framed. A couple of pieces were missing when I bought this but Filmation had a tendency to re-use backgrounds and I just assumed they did that to this one. But from what a friend told me this is Bat Mite's home city.

E. Beetlejuice panoramic. Missing cels, but the guy that sold these sold them as best he could but I just enjoyed this one.

F. Beetlejuice. This one is HUGE and they are all airbrushed. I believe it's 58" long.

G. This is from the '71 animation of Dick Tracy. Matching cel and painted background.

H. & I. are from the 1980 Heckle and Jeckle and both are approximately the same size but very long. Not sure if they are matching but either likely or unlikely.
$150 each or $250 for pair.

J. Panoramic of Ghostbusters and matching cels, althought Slimer looks out of place so I think it was added in.

K. 1980 Droopy panoramic, this one is really long as well.

L&L2. These are from the Fat Albert Halloween episode, I have checked and they are both from the Halloween special but they never walked across the scene like this. Although I can confirm they are both from that episode and it's kind of rare.

Once again prices aren't firm. These were fun to look at while I was drawing and painting and I've enjoyed them a lot. If you want to group just ask.
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Just got some great deals on props and wardrobe over at screenused! Got four items for a hell of a price! ... See MoreSee Less

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Terminator 2 - cyberdyne chip
$100 - Trenton, MI (48183)

Here we have a screen used chip from the film terminator 2
This item comes with a COA
This is my last one 🙂
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pirates of the Caribbean - cursed coin
$400 - Trenton, MI (48183)

Here I have a screen used cursed coin from one of my favorite films!
This item comes with a COA and a frame if you are willing to pay for the shipping
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I've been noticing the past couple of months collectors being stung by a prop they believed to be geuine only to later find out its fake/replica. I'd just like to say to newbies and current collectors who don't know this but research is a must in this hobbie/occupation, before you jump the gun and buy a prop etc make sure you do your homework and research it before you buy, this group as with its members will be a good place to ask for help in authenticating a piece there are plenty of very helpful members to help anyone with a question/request. Don't be afraid to ask you will always find help here. ... See MoreSee Less

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