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I am making a Sahara display and I intend to add these ironclad treasure coins as part of it. I would like to brighten them up a bit. As they are a mix of plastic and tin the paint has faded. Anyone want to chime in as to how we collectors as a whole feel about restorative work on prop pieces? I would hate to make something look better while ruining the piece. Kind of how polishing a real silver dollar ruins the value. ... See MoreSee Less

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Looking for props/costumes from Death Ship(1980) and Happy Birthday to Me(1981). Do any still exist? ... See MoreSee Less

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BEWARE OF FRAUDSTER!! He will switch ur original item and return a fake and open claim on paypal ive filed police, internet and mail fraud againt him.he also has a ebay shop steer away from this person and please spread the info. ... See MoreSee Less

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PROP WARS- 1st Round Matchup

Darth Vader Lightsaber
(Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back 1980)


Wilson Volleyball
(Cast Away 2000)

Voting will remain open throughout the day till 12am EST (1 person-1 vote). You can also explain the reason why you voted a certain way and can discuss comparing these two props. (I would try and not necessarily go by their $ in value) The winner will move on to the Elite 8!

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Goonies coin
$390 - Mainz, Germany

I know u want it
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I am NOT a collector, I am a b
$150 - Toronto, Ontario

I am NOT a collector, I am a builder, 30 years working in makeup FX and special FX almost 40 films to my credit! I have accumulated a few things over the years, not just X-MEN props.I am selling everything in the picture, all from X-MEN 2. All made in 2002. The pricing ranges from $150 to $3500USD. Each sale comes with a COA including a picture taken by me of your actual item and signed by me.
A- Nightcrawler's tail spring core and mount (screen used) 750
B- Pentagon pin worn by secret service in White House (screen used) 250
C- broken claw worn by Hugh Jackman during the raid on the X Mansion (screen used) I have 5 of these 625
D- PPS claw only a few of these made, the most accurate claw of the series, 30% glass fibre, unpainted, VERY strong, too dangerous to use but the standard of dimensional accuracy. 500 dollars each. I have 6 of these.
E- camera ready claw, never used, perfect shape. 800 dollars, I have 1 of these.
F- tag claw, no hole for the wire, they were run without the insert that makes the hole. used for paint samples. 150 dollars I have 10 of these
G-official hat (crew gift) this is mine from the show, worn by me! 200 dollars
H-Lady Deathstrike claws,set for one hand. new, production made, Not screen used1250 dollars
I-watch with X2 logo, intended as a crew gift but not selected (they choose a travel clock instead) only 20pcs made.250 dollars, I have 1
J-claw set, production made. NOT screen used, fitted to "guess who"
this is the last set of X-2 claws I have. 3500 dollars
K- computer case (crew gift) has been in original plastic package for 15 years, never used! 250 dollars
L- X-2 shirt (crew gift) complete with X-MEN II crew on the sleeve, worn by me a few times! 300 dollars.
......that's all folks!
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He's back! Lol. Wanted to give everyone a heads up. It appears Mr Dylan Sides is on Ebay selling a number of questionable pieces under another new username. He listed a 'stunt remote control' from Click for sale. Then in another auction listing you can clearly see two casts of that same prop remote control pictured in the background and his fingers are actually stained blue from the casting of it. Lol. Check it out. I don't want to see anyone scammed. Crazy. 😱 ... See MoreSee Less

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